The Inlisol Pilot Is Underway: Supporting Cognitive and Physiological Treatment

A system to care for the elderly and disabled in their living environments is progressing at Inlisol. The team at Inlisol gathers and produces information to support cognitive and physiological treatment, with the aim of supporting independent living for as long as possible. Development and validation of the pilot have started based on the set hypotheses for ensuring excellent care, including monitoring of activity and vital functions and related alarms. Cumulative data analysis is consistent throughout this process, to ensure that the pilot performs as expected.

At Inlisol we find system usability to be a primary concern even in pilot development. The care program needs to be suitable for use in various environments and with multiple expectations in place, which is why our team is dedicated to continuous product development with customers. User experience is significant as well: we strive to nurture a trusting relationship between product and customer. Janita and Laura, inlisol employee together with customer, are attending to the arranged features and ensuring their reliability.