The force driving inlisol

inlisol founders Amin Torabi and Aki Nummela

It is very easy for an elderly person to lose their dignity and their self-respect as they age. We at inlisol believe passionately in helping the elderly hang on to these essential elements of their characterby enabling them to live independently for as long as possible,” Amin Torabi co-founder inlisol

Watching his father-in-law Alan struggle to cope at home while in the early stages of dementia made Amin determined to apply all his efforts, along with his considerable experience of the Internet of Things and his vast knowledge of artificial intelligence, to create solutions to keep the elderly living independently for as long as possible. Together with his long-time colleague and health-tech expert Aki Nummela, Amin founded inlisol a health-tech company dedicated to helping the elderly live independently for as long as possible.

Alan would have benefitted immensely from inlisol’s sensors and smart platform which would have informed the family if he had not got out of bed all day, or if he had had a fall. He would have benefited from reminders of when to take his various medications, which are all part of inlisol’s integrated solution to combat the challenges of aging.  

We knew there were technical solutions back in 2015 that had the potential to help us, but none of them were far enough developed or came with support and services to be of much use,” said Norma, Alan’s daughter.

Amin and his wife Norma were very concerned about Alan’s balance issues and worried about his ability to look after himself.  Alan declined more rapidly than he needed to because no one realised he had not been eating properly.  Some days Alan simply did not get out of bed at all. And yet, when Amin and Norma spoke to Alan on the telephone, he gave a convincing impression that everything was fine, but the poor eating and sleeping habits were having a detrimental effect on his health and wellbeing.

Elderly people often lose their dignity and self-respect once they become institutionalised. This is no quality of life for those who should be societies most valued and respected members. We want to turn accommodation for the elderly into dementia friendly places,” says Aki Nummela co-founder of inlisol

Aki and Amin frequently visit care homes in Finland to meet the residents and to build an understanding of the daily challenges faced by the elderly. Aki and Amin have combined their joint knowledge of technology and health tech and are applying it to a problem that faces the whole of humanity: how to age well.

inlisol are running pilot studies in several assisted living complexes in Finland, but to take to the business to the next level investors are desperately needed.

Nobody wants to see their elderly loved ones languishing in a hospital or a nursing home, when technology could help them to live fulfilling independent lives. Help us help your elderly loved ones.

Let’s make aging well with dignity a reality. We cannot avoid aging, but we can develop technology to change how we age

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