Peace of mind with Health and Safety

Fall detection, heart and breathing irregularities, automatic calls to emergency services

According to the World Health Organisation falls are the second leading cause of unintentional injury leading to death worldwide. Each year, 37.3 million falls that are severe enough to require medical attention occur.

Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are the leading cause of death globally. It is important to detect cardiovascular disease as early as possible so that management with counselling and medication can begin. Symptoms of rheumatic heart disease include: shortness of breath, fatigue, irregular heartbeats, chest pain and fainting. Our technology detects heart and breathing irregularities during sleep and provides valuable analytics to help guide preventive action. With our non-wearable technology and intelligent platform we can identify falls and immediately raise the alarm.

Daily routines, analytics and predictions

Monitoring sleep quality and cognitive and physical decline

Research by the National Institute on Aging has shown that medical conditions, such as strokes or cancer, along with sleep problems, social isolation, loneliness, lack of exercise or physical activity, and functional limitations that make engaging in everyday activities difficult, are related to the risk of depression, although they do not necessarily cause depression.

inlisol offers sleep quality monitoring and analytics that track how often and for how long the older adult is out of bed during the night.

Reminders and preventative programs

Our smart devices are tailored to the individual user and can, for example, detect gradual changes in cognitive and physical ability. Using this information we can provide customised programs to help the user ward off cognitive and physical impairments.

Intelligent digital platform for buildings and insurance companies

Your total solution for Elderly Home Care

We can work closely with the insurance companies to create safe solutions for elderly home care, which minimises costs for insurance companies and helps the elderly live independent lives.

Service providers

Food delivery, cleaning, therapists, nursing, and domestic services

Our platform supports different service providers with their customised services targeting at older adults. We make booking, reservation delivery, payment, transportation and more easy for the user.