inlisol pilot projects

inlisol will be running three pilot projects starting in August in very different locations, catering to people with very different needs.


Diversity of users

Three very different locations, ten people with very diverse needs:

  • One pilot project is going to be run in a convalescence home where people typically stay from one to eight weeks and then return home.  At the home there is a nurse available around the clock.  
  • The second project is in a complex where elderly people live in their own flats, with a nurse visiting once a day.  The residents are alone at night.
  • The third project is in a functional nursing home whose residents have challenges maintaining and coping with their everyday chores.  The selected residents have challenges with memory, their daily routines and mobility.  The nursing staff are present around the clock.

Lean Startup

We work in close cooperation with our customers, liaising with medical staff at an early stage in product development so that the inlisol solution can be validated as quickly and as efficiently as possible.  In accordance with the Lean Startup method, we conduct pilot studies at a very early stage during the product development phase.   

We have talked to over one hundred healthcare professionals, and on the basis of these consultations, we have prepared our pilot product.