Data security and privacy at inlisol

At inlisol, we take security and privacy very seriously. We spend a large part of our limited budget and much of our time on secure data processing and management. The highest data protection level according to the EU General Data Protection Regulations (EU GDPR) applies to health data. 

We work closely with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health’s central administrative office (Valvira) and the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL), so that all important issues are taken into account.


inlisol has a very clear authorization concept that defines who has the right to see the data. Simply put, only the specific customer and inlisol’s designated authorized persons have access to the information. We enter into a contract with each of our clients, promising that the data is secured and that we will not grant third parties access to the customer specific data. All our clients must give their consent for us to collect their data


One of the most important aspects of information security is encryption. Data encryption ensures that unauthorized persons cannot read the data during transfer. If someone manages to access the data, they will be unable to connect it to a specific customer.

Invest in inlisol

Full compliance with all Finnish and EU safety and security standards is essential for inlisol’s growth. We welcome investors who share our concerns about privacy and data security. Contact us here if you are interested in working with us.”