Aging cannot be prevented, but modern technology can make it safer

Aging cannot be prevented, but modern technology can make it safer

inlisol - Technology for Elderly Home Care

inlisol smart technology to assist aging at home

We are facing a global challenge: we are living longer and need modern intelligent solutions to enable us to live independently in our own homes as we age. 

inlisol’s solution is a combination of non-wearable smart devices and an intelligent platform providing health and safety services.

The inlisol technology platform is aimed at care providers, service providers, and older adults. Our platform is tailored for home care of the elderly, semi-assisted living, care homes, property developers building homes for senior living, and other types of independent or assisted living. 

Our health and safety services are focused on the most important issues faced by adults as they age. Our solution includes fall detection technology and monitoring systems for heart and breathing disorders, vital signs and sleep quality. In the event of an emergency, an alarm is raised and the relevant people and services are automatically notified. 

Our intelligent platform learns from the daily routine of individuals and provides customised and personalised services, such reminders for taking medicines or of upcoming appointments. But, most importantly over time we can use analytics to detect signs of dementia, cognitive decline and physical decline. And, we can provide programs to prolong independent living for as long as possible. The work of the caregiver becomes more harmonised and more efficient. For business owners we increase the efficiency of their company’s operations.

We understand the needs of our customers. Safe aging and quality care is our goal.


Using state of the art tools, inlisol provides a wide range of solutions to assist in the care of the elderly. Regardless of where they live, our solutions improve the safety, health, security, mental well-being, cognitive abilities and social skills of older adults, while bringing peace of mind to their loved ones.


inlisol’s solutions are designed for healthcare professionals, care providers, nurses, relatives, business owners, property developers for senior living among others. Our services focus on the most important aspect of the lives of older adults — their health and safety.

Using non-wearable smart technology together with the inlisol intelligent platform, we offer services that aid the daily health and safety of the older adults, from fall detection to monitoring heart and breathing irregularities, sleep quality and other vital signs. Utilising analytics and machine learning to track daily routines and patterns we can detect signs of mobility deterioration, cognitive decline, early signs of dementia, and changes in the health and wellbeing of individuals.


inlisol’s wireless technology is based on the Internet of Things (IoT). Our devices transmit data about the condition of the health of our older adult clients to the inlisol platform, which in turn notifies designated relatives or caregivers about the health of the older adult, thus enabling the older adult to remain living independently in their own home: Aging in Place.

At inlisol, we are focusing on using smart technology to build predictive and preventative solutions to help older adults live independently. Using artificial intelligence (AI) to monitor data over a period of time, we can make predictions about the health, safety and cognitive well-being of older adults.  Professional caregivers and users can use this information to devise preventative strategies to help the older adult continue living independently for as long as possible.

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